Non-Citizens Are Not Voting. Here Are the Facts

Report Author: 
Wendy R. Weister & Douglas Keith
Original Date of Publication: 
2017 Feb

Non-Citizens Are Not Voting. Here Are the Facts

According to this report from New York University's Brennan Center for Justice, an analysis of state prosecution records shows scant evidence of non-citizen voter fraud. The study identifies several reasons as to why non-citizen voting remains low, including the harsh penalties imposed by federal and state voting laws. These penalties include disqualification from naturalization, mandatory listing on a voter fraud registry, incarceration, fines and deportation. Furthermore, most states have vigorous voter-identification standards that often lead to the over-reporting of non-citizen voters. North Carolina demonstrated this phenomenon in their 2016 gubernatorial race when non-citizen votes were reported in over half their counties, but none of the claims could be confirmed following investigation. The report also references a study conducted by two professors at Old Dominion University -- and cited by President Trump to support his claim of widespread non-citizen voter fraud -- which was recently debunked for using too small a sample to reach any kind of valid conclusion. The authors conclude that non-citizen voting is rare, harsh penalties serve as adequate deterrents, and there is no credible data that support claims made regarding large numbers of non-citizen votes. (The Immigrant Learning Center Public Education Institute)

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